Ambani security scare: Trail leads to Telegram channel ‘created in Tihar’

Ambani security scare: Trail leads to Telegram channel ‘created in Tihar’

A TELEGRAM channel of the purported terror group Jaish Ul Hind, which claimed responsibility for parking an SUV with gelatin sticks and a terror note outside industrialist Mukesh Ambani’s Mumbai residence, was allegedly created in Delhi’s Tihar jail, a private cyber agency has found.

Official sources told The Indian Express that the private firm was asked by an investigating agency to track the location of the phone on which the Telegram channel was created.

They did not identify the investigating agency but said the finding has been communicated to the Delhi Police Special Cell by central agencies.

The terror scare case is being investigated by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) while the death of the vehicle owner and the alleged theft of the vehicle before it was found outside Ambani’s residence on February 25 are being probed by Maharashtra’s Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS).

According to a security analysis report prepared by the private cyber firm, the Telegram channel was created through the TOR network, which is used to access the dark web, from a SIM card in a mobile device that was located “near/in Tihar jail”. The dark web is a part of the Internet that can only be accessed through anonymous networks like TOR and not traditional search engines.

The report, which lists the mobile number through which the Internet was accessed, states that the channel was created around 3.20 pm on February 26. The message claiming responsibility for the security scare outside Antilia, the Ambani home in South Mumbai’s Carmichael Road, was posted on the Telegram channel late on February 27 night.

On February 28, another group claiming to be Jaish Ul Hind posted a message on a different Telegram channel claiming that the message was not put out by them and denying any role in the incident. The police suspect that this message was sent from outside the country although they have not been able to pin the location.

The message allegedly created in Tihar had claimed responsibility for parking the vehicle outside the residence, demanded money from the Ambanis, and included a link for payment through cryptocurrency. The Mumbai police found that the link was not functional.

The message had claimed that the incident was “only a trailer” and that “the big picture was yet to come”. The message stated that “…the brother who placed the SUV near the Ambani house has reached the safe house”.

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