Coffee – How Good Or Bad Is It For Your Digestive Health?

Coffee – How Good Or Bad Is It For Your Digestive Health?

Almost everyone knows about the great benefits that coffee has to offer. Be it energising oneself or protecting the brain from various degenerative diseases, a cup of coffee can be a solution for all.

But did you know that the caffeine present in coffee can do more damage to your health than good?

Yes, coffee can be beneficial only when consumed in small quantities. Over drinking it or developing an addiction to coffee can take a toll on your gut.

  • Makes the Food Rot in the Gut: Coffee speeds up the release of contents from the stomach even before they are digested completely. Food that is not properly digested usually ends up sitting in the gut and rotting there. This rotten food creates a toxic environment inside the intestine which becomes ideal for the spread of bad bacteria that causes inflammation and damages the walls of the intestine.
  • Disrupts the Absorption of Minerals: Coffee can also irritate your prostate gland and bladder, it sometimes even disrupts the absorption of minerals like magnesium, which affects the digestive system of the body.

So next time you claim about your habit of excessive coffee drinking, think twice. No matter how healthy something is, having too much of it can cause damage to health and that is what over consumption of coffee does.



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