Covid test in every 10 days must for traders in Gujarat’s Chhota Udepur

Covid test in every 10 days must for traders in Gujarat’s Chhota Udepur

With the rising number of Covid-19 cases, the Chhota Udepur district collector has issued a notification making it mandatory for all traders and businessmen across the district to undergo Covid-19 tests every ten days in order to prevent the spread of infection to a larger population that visits markets. In a notification issued under the Disaster Management Act, 2005, Collector Sujal Mayatra has said that the order will come into effect from April 12 and every trader and employee must have a compulsory ‘Corona Testing Card’ to be able to conduct business in the district.

The notification applies to traders in six taluka head towns of the district namely Chhota Udepur, Jetpur Pavi, Naswadi, Kawant, Sankheda and Bodeli — which also includes Ali Kherva, Chachak and Dhokaliya. The notification states, “People working in shops, street vendor, stalls, vegetable sellers on handcarts or in markets, retail businesses, warehouses must undergo a mandatory Covid-19 test every ten days. It is necessary for their own safety as well as the people of the district. In order to ensure that traders (and employees) are able to undergo the Covid-19 test, the district administration will set up Covid-19 testing domes in all six taluka heads. The traders will also be able to take their ‘Corona Testing Card’, which will help track if they have taken the regular mandatory tests.”

Chief District Health Officer (CDHO) Dr MR Chaudhari said, “The fact is that the virus spreads from crowded areas like markets and the need is to keep it in check. This mandatory regular testing will help us ensure that the trader community and their employees are safe as well as the people visiting their shops to make purchases. The domes will be set up in the six taluka heads for the traders and their employees. The mamlatdar will prepare a list of the traders, who must come forward and register themselves and their employees and we will carry out the tests in the camp. We expect at least 500 such persons per taluka head, every ten days.” The traders will be subjected to the Rapid Antigen Test (RAT).

Chaudhari added that the decision taken by the Collector was in view of the surge seen in the district in the town areas. “We have observed that more than the actual tribal population, it is the town areas that have reported positive Covid19 cases in the ongoing wave. We have indicators that markets are a major source of infection as it is difficult to track the people visiting. But the spreader becomes the trader or the employee dealing with a large number of people. This exercise will help isolate any possible spreaders and ensure a curb in undetected transmission.”

Chhota Udepur has recorded a total of 1044 cases as of date.

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