Delhi University Final Year Exams 2020: begin from today – Important instructions for candidates

Delhi University Final Year Exams 2020: begin from today – Important instructions for candidates

Delhi University would be conducting the Final Year Examinations 2020 in online open book format from today – August 10, 2020. After much resistance and a court case, the varsity was given the permission to carry on with its plan to conduct online OBE examinations from today under strict guidelines. Based on the suggestions as well as Court ordered mandates, Delhi University has released important instructions for students.

The examination would begin at 11:30 am for most of the undergraduate courses. For post-graduate courses, the examination was slotted to begin from 9:30 am. All students are advised to check the same on the Date Sheet available on website.

DU Online OBE Final Year Exams 2020: Important Instructions

  • Students would be provided with three hours to complete the paper – additional one hour would be provided to the students for downloading, uploading, scanning and emailing of the answer sheets.
  • Students under the PwD category would be provided with a total of 6 hours – which includes the extra time granted for the category plus one additional hour for downloading and uploading of the answer sheets.
  • The Answer Sheet can be in photo or PDF Format of maximum of 7 MB file size

  • Answer sheet can be scanned page by page or question wise and uploaded on the portal
  • Students can also convert the answer sheets in PDF either question wise or as one document and email the same to the respective college, department or faculty. Students may also email the answer sheets on the mail id. Remember – you can mail either to all the email ids or the single central email address provided.
  • In the Email, students must write their roll number, unique paper code (UPC), date of the examination in dd/mm/yyyy format in the Subject ex. If your roll number is 12345, UPC is XYZ122 and date is today then your email subject would be 12345-XYZ123-10/08/2020.

  • In the mail body, students are required to mention
    • Student Name
    • Examination Roll Number
    • Name of the Programme
    • Unique Paper Code (UPC)
    • Title of the Paper (attempted)
    • Name of the College
    • Semester
    • Date and Time of Examination: dd/mm/yy, Hrs:min
  • Students who upload directly on the portal would get an acknowledgement receipt – students who send their answer sheets to central email address would get an auto generated mail confirming receipt of the answer sheet

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