How Moonlight Can Help You Manifest Your DesiresHow Moonlight Can Help You Manifest Your Desires

How Moonlight Can Help You Manifest Your DesiresHow Moonlight Can Help You Manifest Your Desires

Moonlight combines the masculine energy of the sun with the feminine energy of the moon to create something totally new. Sun energy is all about taking action, moving forward, and going for your desires. Moon energy, on the other hand, encourages you to chill out, lie back, and trust the Universe to take charge.

When these contrasting energies come together the result is moonlight – a jolting spiritual vitamin that pushes you to get out of your comfort zone, break your routine, and see things from new perspectives.

Moonlight, therefore, provides you with motivation to create change. It gives you the nerve to end old, negative cycles and start new, positive ones. It’s moonlight that instils in you the courage to break unhealthy relationships, stand up to people bullying you, finally quit smoking, and start exercising.

Whether consciously or not many of your life’s transitions have been put into motion by the power of moonlight.

That being said, when moonlight energy isn’t used in a conscious way it could also result in destructive changes and transitions, which is what some people experience during and after the full moon.

In the same way that when you get on a new vitamin regimen you take a daily dose for a set period of time, you also need to take daily doses of moonlight energy if you want to work with it in a constructive way. If you only expose yourself to moonlight during the full moon then you’re hit by an overwhelming amount of moonlight that results in the negative full moon effects we’re all familiar with.

Use the following process to get started:

1 Make a list of your desires at the New Moon

At this point the earth is hit by the least amount of moonlight, which makes it an ideal time to set new goals. It’s important that these goals are ambitious but also achievable within the duration of the moon’s cycle.

2 Expose yourself to daily moonlight 

During the Waxing Crescent and First Quarter, expose yourself to at least 10 minutes of moonlight daily. If you live in a country where you don’t have easy access to the moon, then do a short meditation visualising yourself receiving its energy. Daily moonbathing will give you the right amount of energy to take the action needed to get your desires manifested.

3 Review your desires at the Full Moon

This is the time to review your achievements so far. Be grateful for the ones you’ve achieved, rework the ones you didn’t, and release the ones that no longer matter.

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