How to increase wealth in abundance.

How to increase wealth in abundance.

How to increase wealth in abundance.

In Kaal Purush Kundali, 2nd house is the house of wealth where we find Taurus or Vrishabh rashi. 2nd house and Vrishabh Rashi, therefore, are very important for wealth.

This rashi is ruled by Venus which is a benefic planet, next to Jupiter. Venus represents Juicy fruits which are naturally sweet in taste. Note this point, that it is sweet.

The Significator of 2nd house of wealth is Jupiter, which is the best benefic planet. Jupiter is the significator of expansion. It increases in quality whatever it sees.

It is observed that when Shubh Grahas or benefics, when in 2nd house of wealth or in Taurus rashi (where Moon is exalted or uccha- again a Shubh planet and significator of wealth), they tend to promote wealth. Whereas when a Paap Graha or Malefic sits there, it naturally spoils or destroys wealth.

2nd house of wealth or Taurus rashi also rules our Speech, what we speak, our neck section. Note this.

The hidden secret which is quite obvious to the wise, about how to increase wealth  in abundance is that-


When we speak ill or others, or bad, like this person robbed me of 20 lakhs, he should rot in hell. Or anything less that good about other, we are afflicting the 2nd house of wealth and speech. How? A benefic planet like Venus and Jupiter will speak good, will speak of wisdom, philosophy and good things and how to reach God. Speaking good for others especially SWEET things, will increase your wealth. Whereas Bitchin is like bringing a Malefic Graha on your Taurus/Vrishabh rashi or 2nd house and then wondering, why I am not able to save money, why is my money getting destroyed. The more you speak ill of others, more you will harm your money.

  1. Speak Good of others, regardless of how bad others have treated you.

This is very difficult nowadays but this is a secret. Have you seen those Gurus giving speeches on stage with 1000s of followers. Are they poor or do they have 1000s of crores? Are they speaking ill?? No, they talk about good things of life, of philosophy. About forgiveness also.

I am giving two additional points which are not hidden secrets but they work.

  1. Never wear artificial gold on neck. Jupiter rules Gold, wearing artificial will spoil it.
  2. Once in a day, talk about a good philosophy which will help you improve your life. Do you know doing this you will improve both Gurus i.e. Jupiter and Venus.


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