Jagraon: Woman, daughter die by suicide; her bedridden son also dies of illness

Jagraon: Woman, daughter die by suicide; her bedridden son also dies of illness

Two women –– a mother and her daughter –– allegedly died by suicide, and a male member in their family also died of illness, at village Sodhiwala in Sidhwan Bet of Ludhiana rural.

Police said that Gurpreet Singh (40) was bedridden since some years and his mother Jasbir Kaur (60) and sister Mandeep Kaur (27), were bearing expense of his treatment. However, there was no improvement in his condition. Off late, Gurpreet had slipped into coma.

Police said that in the night of April 11, Jasbir Kaur allegedly mixed some poisonous substance in food and consumed it along with her daughter Mandeep Kaur. Sub-inspector Bikramjit Singh, SHO Sidhwan Bet police station, said that while Jasbir Kaur died some hours after the incident, her daughter Mandeep died at a hospital Friday (April 16). In the meantime, Gurpreet who was at home, also passed away in sleep due to illness on April 13.

“Mandeep in her statement said that on April 11, they had eaten dinner like usual following which she and her mother started having stomach ache and they vomitted. Probably, the mother mixed poison in food and gave it to her daughter also before eating herself. Both mother and daughter were passing through an ordeal since nearly seven years to get Gurpreet treated. They had also taken money from acquaintances for his treatment and other villagers had also tried to help them but in absence of any permanent source of income, both were depressed and not in position to afford Gurpreet’s treatment any more. He also died at their home on April 13 while Mandeep died undergoing treatment at a hospital,” said SHO.

SHO said that Gurpreet Singh had fallen off from roof seven years ago, suffered serious injuries and had got bedridden. Later he also slipped into coma. As the family was financially weak, the villagers and relatives had extended financial help and nearly spent Rs 18 lakh on his treatment but there was no progress.

Later Jasbir Kaur’s husband Nazar Singh also died a natural death. Both women started working to earn for Gurpreet Singh’s treatment.

However some days back, Jasbir Kaur too got injured after she slipped at her home following which she and Mandeep got depressed and took the extreme step.

SHO said that inquest proceedings were filed under section 174 of CrPC into the death of both women and three bodies were handed over to woman’s second daughter who was married.

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