Letter to angel’s

Letter to angel’s
Letter to angel’s This is little piece of article is dedicated to all the inexpressive people, those who feel the pain inside and never let anyone know about it, keep their struggle on but never complaint, those who cry without tears, and the one who cries with the tears too when it’s comes to explaining themselves even little things to others, some say they are drama queen, some says you always cry, some says your boring, some says you’re not practical, to those ‘some’ I’m saying that ‘no’ we are not drama queen…we are just in pain…the pain which we have no words to explain…the pain which we keep to ourselves, the pain which you never felt because it’s different…you don’t own those special pair of eyes which sees it…you don’t have that skin to feel it, you don’t have that hand which can hold it…you never understand how helplessly we cry front of you…(believe me we never want to cry front of you…because it’s too embarrassing.. because even after explaining everything, you will judge us). As I believe you are not blessed but we are because we are killing ourselves internally everyday just not to fill the world with negativity unlike you (who keep trying to make us feel small and weak and sad part is you get happy after doing that..), but we see more than we show, we understand more than we hear.
And those who understands us recognize us in the crowd, and hold our hands, And whisper in our ears that you are worthy…you’re not a burden…you’re not ugly…you always do right, you’re not week, you are special…you don’t belong to those who laugh at you, You don’t have to hide from them, stand firm and look straight into their eye and say you are not afraid anymore
Those human form angels gifts us courage and hope…and those are the ones who are true human being, because they give us hope… confidence. And courage to express ourselves…they are the one which are true friend, they owns a great heart…
I am thanking to all those people…who are there to wipe the tears of their loved one’s when they feel empty, lifeless, hopeless….when the fear of future haunt them…they are there to sit with them to talk to make them laugh, listen their stories…remove their fear and make them feel worthy ……i want to say thank you.
I’m the one who is not expressive (and I know there are many like me) …who cry while explaining to someone. But I survive because of my people who don’t laugh on me…who are there for me when I need to talk… thank you those(dost)
Ye letter un saare logon ke liye
(jo logon ke ansuon ki qimat aur unki khamoshi ko samjhte hain…aap log jo hum Jaison ko umeed dete hai…)
aur hum jaise laakho log jo andhere ko qabool kar lete hai unke liye aap roshni ho)
 Thanks so much.
Letter to angel’s

Thanks To The Author

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