MODE: The Way To Happiness

MODE: The Way To Happiness

MODE: The Way To Happiness

OK! So we are under quarantine(did I spell it right?), ‘mode’(as I am sick of the virus name so better called it ‘mode’, as this ‘mode’ is not going now, but we shouldn’t be disappointed by this circumstances let’s pray and protect ourselves and others, as we all are locking down in our houses, with our family and loved one’s, this sudden thought came in my mind (trust me, I was about to write something else, and this thought pierce in my mind while writing the second line),

to hum kahan they?

Lets get back to the piercing thought,

As we all are together with our own people, what about those who live alone? The one who doesn’t have a family? Whose life became quarantine(even this word is sucking me as well) for many years now (as we all are hoping that in a few weeks or month everything will fall into a place at least we have a hope) but they live this life since ages, for many people this so called ‘mode’ is a daily routine the one who live alone, As in my locality I know many of them, but never had courage to talk with them though, and listen their stories and crisis, (badly want to interview them).

So ye likhne ka maksad ye hai ke,

Just give it a thought that if we were be living that life which they are having, like no open doors when we came back home (never thought before, that this tiny thing is a blessing, I’ve realized it just now only), no noise of people in the house, no lights, fan and TV on until we put it on, no sound of washing dishes, all the dust and cobweb remain in the house until we pick the broom and clean it, what will we become? (I will be clearly going to be under depression even just imagining it) as communication is important for humans.

I think this ‘mode” has arrived to teach us to be a better human being. (as we are not just protecting ourselves, but more than that we are securing others by not moving out, we are doing it for a mankind to exist and survive without being hurt or injured, and be together against this ‘mode’), so look around for those people who are needy (not for food) but for talk, they want someone to listen to them and their kahani, their accidents in life, I know this very well that they never say it (as my friend told me this) but they want someone who can laugh on their jokes, someone whom they thought will be there at the time of crisis. As I introduced my friend in this article , he’s the one who takes out time from he’s very busy schedule and meet those people and clean their houses, listen to their stories, their heart breaks, their jokes, and above all I would say the biggest service he’s giving them is the gift of hope (umeed) which keep them away from depression. I used to keep asking him what you doing this? and see today he becomes part of my article automatically, see that’s the power of humanity, (though many things coming in this article aise hi…). So as I mentioned above that this ‘mode’ has lots of goodness in it, as we got together as human first, so lets give this ‘mode’ a memory of lifetime, and find those whose are under quarantine(this word😑) for ages, those who don’t speak to you but their eyes are communicator, those who are mute but thousand of stories are shouting within, those who are having pain but they never cry.

Today I truly believe that this ‘mode’ gave me recognition of blessings which I have, what ‘others’ don’t. (and understanding my friend as well), I am proudly saying that I got infected with this ‘mode’ badly.

So, let’s find them and meet them,


(If it’s worthy let me know..)

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