Noida admin caps prices of Covid test & treatment

Noida admin caps prices of Covid test & treatment

The Noida administration has capped the prices of Covid test and treatment to prevent profiteering. The rates have been decided as per directives of the Dr Vinod Pal Committee constituted by the central government to study Covid measures.

According to the order, the treatment in ICU for those with severe Covid will be capped to Rs 18,000 per day, which includes the PPE cost of Rs 2,000 in NABH-accredited hospitals. In non-accredited hospitals, treatment in ICU for severely sick patients will cost Rs 15,000 per day. ICUs without ventilators will cost Rs 15,000 in NABH-accredited hospitals and Rs 13,000 in others.

Those requiring isolation beds will pay Rs 10,000 and Rs 8,000 per day in accredited and non-accredited hospitals respectively. All costs are inclusive of the cost of PPEs. The order reiterated that the cost of RT-PCR samples has been capped at Rs 900 as per the state government’s directives. In the event of a complaint, action can be taken against hospitals for violation of official orders.

The district on Monday recorded 239 cases, taking the tally of active cases to 1,428 cases. The administration has also launched an online portal for Covid-related grievances and to offer dedicated help.

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