Over 1 crore vaccine doses left with states: Centre

Over 1 crore vaccine doses left with states: Centre

With states complaining of vaccine shortage, the Centre on Tuesday released data to say more than one crore doses, to be administered to priority groups, were available with states and 86 lakh more would be distributed over the next three days.

According to official data released by the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, of the 1,00,47,157 doses still available with the states, the maximum are with Uttar Pradesh (10.10 lakh doses), Maharashtra (9.23 lakh doses), Bihar (7.50 lakh doses), Gujarat (6.09 lakh doses) and Jharkhand (5.95 lakh doses). These doses are to be administered to frontline workers, healthcare workers and those above the age of 45 years, with 86,40,000 doses to the states in the next three days.

“Recently some media reports quoting some government officials from Maharashtra have pointed out that the vaccines in the State are finished thereby adversely impacting the vaccination drive in the state. It is clarified that the total COVID vaccine doses received by Maharashtra as on 27th April 2021 (at 8 am) are 1,58,62,470. Of this, the total consumption including wastage (0.22%) was 1,49,39,410. Balance of 9,23,060 doses is still available with the state for administration of vaccine doses to the eligible population groups. Furthermore, 3,00,000 doses of COVID vaccine are in the pipeline for delivery in the next three days,” the health ministry said.

The data further shows that among the top five states to which doses will be sent over the next three days are: Uttar Pradesh (11 lakh), Bihar (7 lakh), Assam (6.5 lakh), Gujarat (5 lakh), and Madhya Pradesh (4.8 lakh).

Over the next three days, five states will receive doses in the range of 3-3.5 lakh doses: Maharashtra (3 lakh); Tamil Nadu (3 lakh doses); Kerala (3.2 lakh); Punjab (3.5 lakh); and Delhi (3.5 lakh).

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