Six die at Wani in Maharashtra after drinking sanitiser for liquor

Six die at Wani in Maharashtra after drinking sanitiser for liquor

Six people died after consuming sanitiser as substitute for liquor at Wani town in Maharashtra’s Yavatmal district on Friday and Saturday.

Yavatmal Superintendent of Police Dilip Bhujbal told The Indian Express, “Six people, working as labourers, died due to consumption of sanitiser as substitute for liquor at Wani on Friday and Saturday. While three were admitted to the rural hospital (RH) at Wani as their health condition deteriorated, three others died at home.”

The deceased have been identified as Sunil Dhengle (32), Dutta Lanjewar (57), Bharat Ruikar (38), Ganesh Shelar (45), Santosh Mehre (35) and Rahul Parthatkar (35). All were residents of Wani.

Bhujbal added, “They purchased sanitiser bottles manufactured by different companies and have been consuming it for days varying between four-five and two-three. Three of them were admitted to Wani RH on Friday after they complained of vomiting, stomach ache and black out. The trio died within two-three hours after admission. We also came to know of three others, who had died after developing similar symptoms, but their cases were not reported by the relatives, who had already carried out their funerals. So, we have registered accidental death in all six cases.”

With Maharashtra going under strict lockdown, liquor is out of bounds for consumers. Since sanitiser largely contains alcohol, the Wani incident has brought to light a new problem of addicts resorting to consuming sanitiser.

“We have appealed to people to refrain from consuming sanitiser as it can prove deadly as it is evident from the recent case,” Bhujbal said.

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