Surat surpasses Vadodara in daily oxygen requirement

Surat surpasses Vadodara in daily oxygen requirement

Surat city, which reported 615 positive cases of Covid-19 on Wednesday and has 1,624 active cases currently, has surpassed Vadodara as the highest consumer of medical oxygen during the ongoing wave of the pandemic. With 90.11 metric tonnes (MT) of oxygen consumed on a single day, on Wednesday, Surat has a six-time increase in consumption from the only 13.84 MT required just 10 days ago.
The data, shared by the Gujarat Food and Drugs Control Administration (FDCA), also shows that Surat recorded maximum oxygen consumption for Covid-19 patients in the state on April 6 (70.81 MT) and April 7 (90.11 MT).

Surat has an availability of 113.09 MT of medical oxygen daily. On Monday, 2,121 patients requiring medical oxygen were admitted in hospitals across Surat, as per FDCA data. It rose to 2,772 patients on Tuesday, while availability of oxygen rose to 123.41 MT.

According to Surat Municipal Corporation data, Surat on Wednesday recorded 747 fresh Covid-19 positive patients requiring oxygen support, 191 requiring BiPAP and 32 needing ventilator support.
On March 27, Vadodara had recorded the highest oxygen consumption in the state — requiring 38.91 MT for 1,642 patients while the entire state consumed 109 MT for 2,801 patients.

On the same day, Surat was the third highest consumer — 13.84 MT for 437 patients.

Last week, Surat saw a spate of admissions with patients coming in from Maharashtra districts.

Over the last 10 days, the overall consumption of daily oxygen in the state increased to 330 MT with most cities more than doubling their consumption. Ahmedabad, which had recorded a consumption of 18.45 MT on March 27, consumed 59.09 MT on April 6. In Rajkot, it went up from 7.99 MT to 22.84 MT during the period. Jamnagar became the fifth-highest district consuming oxygen with 12.29 MT required on April 6.

Sabarkantha district, which consumed 3.15 MT of oxygen on March 27 for 43 patients, on Tuesday recorded consumption of 9.45 MT for 104 patients. Junagadh, which consumed 0.31 MT with five patients on March 27, required 8.32 MT for 115 patients 10 days later.

In Bhavnagar, the tally has increased from 1.42 MT for five patients to 7.64 MT for 221 patients on Tuesday. The tribal district of Dahod, which had 44 patients on oxygen supply on March 27, with a consumption of 1.58 MT, now has 79 patients on oxygen support and a consumption of 2.54 MT on Tuesday.

Vadodara, which rose steadily as the highest oxygen-consuming city for close to ten days until the first week of April has also recorded 65.75 MT single-day O2 consumption on Tuesday for 2,044 patients.

As Vadodara recorded 395 cases on Wednesday, the administration along with IOCL has decided to add 750 Covid beds at Pioneer Hospital. The facility will have about 200 ICU beds and 120 ventilators.

Vadodara has increased the capacity of oxygen-equipped beds in SSG hospital to 700 and ventilators to 185, with 50 oxygen supply beds added within 12 hours overnight on Wednesday. The administration will set up 50 more oxygen-equipped beds in the hospital by Thursday.

Meanwhile, Vadodara Municipal Commissioner P Swaroop said, “We have formed 36 joint enforcement teams with the help of city police commissioner for creating awareness and ensuring Covid-19 protocol compliance.” On Wednesday, the teams visited various malls and public market places to make announcements.

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