What people think about baldness?

What people think about baldness?

Let’s face it, in India, however, most of the population was used to accepting baldness as a natural phenomenon. But Hair loss in adults can be quite traumatic.

The scientific term for balding is called alopecia and there are several studies that do illustrate that male alopecia rates are exceptionally high in Indian men.

According to the International Journal of Trichology, 58% of Indian men aged 30-50 suffered from various grades of alopecia.

Another study by a hair loss specialist, 63.2% of Indian men aged 21-61 suffer from alopecia.

Meanwhile, a study of over 15000 Chinese men showed that only 21% of Chinese men have alopecia. Even 70+-year-old Chinese men have a modest balding rate (41%) compared to average Indian men.

Men are not alone. Women are also losing more hair than they did in the past because a stressful lifestyle is a major reason for hair fall.

But the major reasons are:

  1. High free Testosterone Levels or DHT
  2. Obesity
  3. Genetic predisposition

Signs of baldness can cause bouts of anxiety, psychological stress, emotional distress, lack of self-confidence and even depression.

Today, it’s more acceptable for men to worry about their hair and spend money on correcting things they don’t like about themselves. It seems that the psychological factors in male hair loss have been vastly underestimated.



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